It Once Sucked But Now It Doesn’t. Fixing Your Central Vacuum.

What to do with no suction… Dog hair rug If your carpet look like dog hair rug, it might be time to check that your vacuum is sucking like it should. Central vacuums are by far the best way of removing dirt and dust from your home environment but, like all appliances there may come a time when you wonder if it used to suck just a little better than it does now. This is a quick run through of the what to check for if you think your central vacuum system has lost...

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Porridge and keeping your home energy efficient

Ceiling insulation Includes checking your insulation, types of insulation materials and how much to install. If Snuggling down under a blanket with hat gloves is just not going to cut it when it comes to keeping warm this winter, we have some suggestions for heating your home and retaining that heat.  Making your home warm, dry and energy efficient will mean less blankets and smaller power bills.  You know about Goldilocks and the “just-right” porridge, well in...

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