It Once Sucked But Now It Doesn’t. Fixing Your Central Vacuum.

What to do with no suction…

Dog hair rug

If your carpet look like dog hair rug, it might be time to check that your vacuum is sucking like it should.

Central vacuums are by far the best way of removing dirt and dust from your home environment but, like all appliances there may come a time when you wonder if it used to suck just a little better than it does now.

This is a quick run through of the what to check for if you think your central vacuum system has lost it’s suck.

  • Clean Filter? — When was the last time the filter and the bucket was cleaned? Dust builds up around the filter restricting airflow to the vacuum motor slowing performance and suction of the vacuum. If you aren’t clear on how to check and clean the filter check out our instructions. Remember to always replace the filter correctly before using your central vacuum.
  • Did it loose its suckiness suddenly? — If so there is a good chance that someone has sucked something into the system that perhaps wasn’t meant to go into the system or there is air getting into the system somewhere. Even pull-along vacuums don’t like sucking up hair clips, cotton buds and socks but before you start pulling walls down try these tips first. 
  • Check the pipe — Have a look into the extendable pipe and the floor brush. Often the object hasn’t made it past these areas. Often there is a birds nest of household items stuck in the pipe. If it is not in the handle or floor brush open up the inlet valves (the wall socket where you plug your hose into) to check that there is a blockage there. Repeat for all of the inlets in your home. The tight bend just inside the inlet is designed to trap things like colored pencils and other long objects so there might be the start of a blockage there.
  • Inlet Valves & Vacpan— As the vacuum requires all inlets, except the one you are using, to be closed to provide the best suction it may be that an inlet valve is open. So walk around your house and check that all of the inlet valves are closed tightly. This includes the inlet valve on the side of the vacuum machine. Springs sometimes break or the door of the inlet get damaged leaving air to get into the system and lose of suction. The Vacpan (the vacuum inlet in your kitchen toe-kick) if you have one installed, may not be closed or closing fully so check this as well. You will know that it is not closing because you will hear a sucking sound when the vacuum is being used.
  • The Machine — Have a listen to the vacuum machine when it is turned on, does it sound louder than normal? If the vacuum has been run without the filter, dust will get into the motor and can damage it. If the machine is sounding very loud this might be the case. Our machines will last for many years but not if the filter has been left out. You will need to call us if this has happened.
  • Hmm What Now — If you can find an obvious blockage, the filter is clean, the all the inlets, including the one on the machine, are closing properly and the machine sounds normal you may need to us to come and have a look. If there is a blockage we can remove this for you. There maybe a fee for this call out. If there is a problem with the machine and it is under warranty we will cover this cost.

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