Vacuum Systems

Portable vacuum cleaners can exhaust contaminated air back into the room being cleaned, including debris from dust mites, pets, and pollen - the cause of allergens.

Because the HomeSol system extracts and exhausts dust to an isolated power unit and collector (typically located in the garage, basement, or other ventilated area), the atmosphere within your home remains free of suspended allergens.
This is a major benefit for potential sufferers of asthma and other respiratory ailments.

HOMESOL Full 3 Year Warranty.

Whatever the size of your floor plan, single or multiple levels, there is a power option available to deliver impressive performance throughout your home or office. But remember, HOMESOL systems must be installed by an approved installer.

Central Vac Systems & Portable Machines

Loving the air your breath starts by removing dirt and dust from your flooring

  • Deepest carpet cleaning

  • Maximum suction and airflow

  • No battery to charge

  • Low noise

  • Easy stair cleaning

  • Great for asthma and hay-fever suffers

Why invest in a HOMESOL system?

It offers a much healthier alternative when compared to a portable vacuum cleaner and will compliment and add value to a new, existing and renovated home. In addition, it offers users numerous other benefits compared with conventional vacuum cleaners.

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