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Building a new home can be as stressful as it is fun, making sure that the design will not only look great but also be practical for the owners can be overwhelming.  Designing for the best possible Indoor Air Quality is as important as choosing the tap ware.  The considerations can be confusing and the list long even for seasoned builders;

  • Controlling household condensation
  • Minimizing the build up of moisture from bathrooms and kitchens
  • Removing dust, dirt and other allergens effectively 
  • Controlling VOC pollution inside 
  • Maximizing the energy used to heat the home
  • Which systems and appliances will best suit the home and lifestyle of the occupants 
  • Overcoming air-tightness in new homes
  • And keeping within budget.

These questions are cheaper and easier to ask in the design faze and we are here to help.

Being specialists in new builds, Homesol, can demystify the jargon and explain in plain english the different types of home ventilation, extraction, heat recovery (HRV) and central vacuums and help you select the system that best suits your home.  We are able to achieve results to many of the trickiest installs when other might walk away. 

Our vision is to see every new home owner "Love the Air You Breathe" Achieve your  expectations, meet building code and build a warm tight building.

Our quality appliances bring convenience and will make your homes a healthier place to live.


    How long does it take to install?

    Every house is different, some big some small, as we custom fit each system to the house, installation times can vary. Expect on average an installation to take 3 to 4 hours.

    Is your system the same as HRV and DVS?

    There are many different options for ventilation systems but all are created equal. The systems that we choose to sell and install must have a low annual running cost, intelligent features and the ability to change your own filter if you want to. Not all systems are able to offer this.

    Why do you promote vents in most living spaces while other companies only have 1 or 2 vents?

    Doors gets closed for a bunch of reasons, this can reduce natural airflow through the house resulting in mould in closets and damp smelly areas. By ventilating the whole house you are able have certainty that dampness, pollens and other contamination are removed from the whole house not just one or two rooms.

    What is the expected installation time of a 4-room system for installers?

    On a single storey house should be able to install a full 4-outlet system within 4 hours. While every house will have its own challenges, correct planning can reduce the installation time even further.

    Can the system be impacted by insulation in the ceiling cavity?

    Both having too little or too much insulation can indeed affect the system performance. Incorrectly installed insulation – often retro-fitted or additional insulation added to the roof cavity – can cause the natural airflows into the house to become blocked, interfering with the airflow through the system. On the other hand, having too little insulation inside the ceiling, e.g. iron roofs without building paper or insulation, can cause problems with condensation inside the ceiling space, which affects the quality of the air brought into the house.

    How do I replace the filter and how often?

    We recommend to check your filter 6 months after installing the system, then once every 12 months. The filter should be replaced at least once every 2 years, unless a visual check of the filter indicates it needs replacing sooner. Contact your installer or supplier for a replacement filter. Depending on which filter you have, replacing it is easy. For our EVOAQ premium filter boxes, all you need to do is un-clip the lid, open it and slide out the old filters, then put in the new filters, noting their orientation. For our standard filter frames, you need to cut the tape with a knife, take out the old filter and tape on the new one. Check our filter replacement manual for more details.

    What is the installed dB rating of the system?

    The system operates between 20dB and 33dB when installed correctly, following all provided installation guides and instructions.

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