Heat Transfer

When your fireplace heats your lounge, a fast and efficient heat transfer system can use the excess heat to create a warm and comfy environment for the rest of your home. An effective heat transfer system improves the indoor air quality, and can prevent health problems caused by cold and damp air.

Our System
By combining the latest in fan technology and automatic sensing controls, our systems ensure optimal transferring of heated air throughout your home while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your lounge. Our custom fan combines with smaller diffusers to create the best possible mixing of heated air into your rooms.


Our smallest system for single room heat transfer systems over short distances.


Our most common heat transfer system for 2 or 3 rooms which suits most homes.


Our largest heat transfer system. This is best for larger houses with 4 or 5 bedrooms.

Add-on Kit VXHEAT-AQ

Add-on heat transfer kit for our ventilation systems - up to 5 rooms


Is there a recommended place to install the fan?

Extraction fans should be placed within 1.5m of the extraction vent to ensure optimal operation.

When do I need a backdraft shutter for my extraction system?

Normally, our bathroom extraction systems do not require any backdraft shutters. However, if your house is built in a high-wind zone, it may become necessary to add a backdraft shutter to prevent bad (especially wet and humid) air from outside being blown into your bathroom on windy days.

What is Constantly extraction?

Rather than turn the fan off when the light is turned off after a shower constant extraction removes the remaining moisture from the bathroom while drawing in better quality air at very low levels even when your shower is off.

Do I need to change the set temperature between summer and winter?

No. Our system automatically adjusts the airflow according to the quality of the available air – the better the air quality, the faster the fan will run. This makes set points irrelevant for the fan operation. We recommend a set temperature of 23°C at all times.

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