VOC Control

A healthy home requires good ventilation to maintain high indoor air quality, but it is just as important to remove the bad air from your home.

Extracting the stale air from your home prevents harmful substances from building up in the air around you. This is important as long-term exposure to these VOC's within your home can damage your and your family's health.

Our System
Using the latest technology and most energy-efficient products, we have created a fully automatic VOC extraction system to constantly detect and remove harmful VOCs from the areas in your home where it matters most.
Our VOC extraction fans can detect many harmful VOCs including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and cigarette smoke.

VOC Control VX100V

VOC control for smaller rooms like laundry areas and kitchens up to 6m² in size.

VOC Control VX150V

Our standard VOC control system ideal for areas like kitchens, garages and workshops.

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Is there a recommended place to install the fan?

Extraction fans should be placed within 1.5m of the extraction vent to ensure optimal operation.

When do I need a backdraft shutter for my extraction system?

Normally, our bathroom extraction systems do not require any backdraft shutters. However, if your house is built in a high-wind zone, it may become necessary to add a backdraft shutter to prevent bad (especially wet and humid) air from outside being blown into your bathroom on windy days.

What is constant extraction?

Rather than turn the fan off when the light is turned off after a shower constant extraction removes the remaining moisture from the bathroom while drawing in better quality air at very low levels even when your shower is off.

Do I need to change the set temperature between summer and winter?

No. Our system automatically adjusts the airflow according to the quality of the available air – the better the air quality, the faster the fan will run. This makes set points irrelevant for the fan operation. We recommend a set temperature of 23°C at all times.

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